Zakala's Poetry

Sometimes alone, she whispers to her heart
She keeps it in an alabaster shroud
Sometimes apart, she spreads her soul wide
Drinking in the moonlight
Drinking in the clouds

Ode to a Pagan Lonely Hearts Ad

Ode to a Pagan Lonely Hearts Ad

(I really saw this ad and I wrote this as a poetic reply. Shame I never sent it...)

"Pagan Goddess - twenty-four
Wants to meet Brad Pitt,"
Somehow I get the feeling
Maybe I don't fit.
"Gothic Vampyre wanted now!"
"Long-haired, rock-god date!"
Even if I say myself
I'm not your ideal mate.

I'm more the gothic rocker type
A long haired vampire mess
Eddie Izzard's more my look
(But without the dress!).
I'm not a drop-dead gorgeous hunk
Although I've had my times
But I sing, I rock, I front a band
And even pen some lines.

Pagan, witch-king, vampire, all;
I've always played a part
And you sound like a soul mate, but
I don't want a heart -
I'm looking for a kindred flame
A friend to talk and hear,
So if I've fired your crazy mind
come on, bend my ear.


Creative Commons Licence Poetry & lyrics (c) Zakala 1998 some rights reserved.
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