Zakala's Poetry

Sometimes alone, she whispers to her heart
She keeps it in an alabaster shroud
Sometimes apart, she spreads her soul wide
Drinking in the moonlight
Drinking in the clouds



She is dark
And her passions such
A raven's wing hides her eyes
Her marble skin shows no scars
But she has felt
A thousand knives
And pain has touched her heart

She is bright
Her reflections shine
Night's shadow wraps her form
Her ruby lips glisten moist
And she has kissed
A thousand men
And love has touched her heart

She is warm
Her radience calls
The starlight melts her ice
Her silver hair falls like rain
And she has lived
A thousand times
And peace has touched her heart


Creative Commons Licence Poetry & lyrics (c) Zakala 1998 some rights reserved.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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