Zakala's Poetry

Sometimes alone, she whispers to her heart
She keeps it in an alabaster shroud
Sometimes apart, she spreads her soul wide
Drinking in the moonlight
Drinking in the clouds

Keeping the Faith

Keeping The Faith

I have wandered for you
Beneath the steel expanse of solstice skies
I have preyed for you
Within the stone walls of earth hewn cathedrals
I have watched for you
Upon the meadows of December dawns
I have come for you
Without the flesh prison of human form

In all you see I am reflected
In all you hear I am echoed
In all you feel I am touched

In the darkest times
When your heart cries for freedom
I will be light for you
My soul a candle to guide your steps
I permeate your dreams
And hold safe your dearest hopes

When you call I shall hear
When you weep I shall comfort you
When you need I shall provide

In the happy times
When your heart sings for love
I shall not forget you
My soul a shadow to watch your path
I sleep in your dreams
And keep the faith alive


Creative Commons Licence Poetry & lyrics (c) Zakala 1998 some rights reserved.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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