Keeping The Faith

I have wandered for you
Beneath the steel expanse of solstice skies
I have preyed for you
Within the stone walls of earth hewn cathedrals
I have watched for you
Upon the meadows of December dawns
I have come for you
Without the flesh prison of human form

In all you see I am reflected
In all you hear I am echoed
In all you feel I am touched

In the darkest times
When your heart cries for freedom
I will be light for you
My soul a candle to guide your steps
I permeate your dreams
And hold safe your dearest hopes

When you call I shall hear
When you weep I shall comfort you
When you need I shall provide

In the happy times
When your heart sings for love
I shall not forget you
My soul a shadow to watch your path
I sleep in your dreams
And keep the faith alive


Creative Commons Licence Poetry & lyrics (c) Zakala 1998 some rights reserved.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.