You know that sinking feeling? The one you get when you realise you've selected the wrong file just after you hit delete? Or when you choose shutdown instead of restart on a remote server? Or when you realise that you can't find your wallet and the last time you know you had it was several days before?

Yep. Gone. Disappeared. Vanished. Probably not stolen, though perhaps dropped on the way home. Best guess however? Put in the dustbin by my 15 month old son. The day before the bins were collected.

Still it gives me the opportunity to see which of the banks/credit card companies respond in the most timely fashion to my crisis. I currently have no money and no way to get any money. All my cards were cancelled on Tuesday afternoon after the loss was noticed and the house ransacked.

In the lead so far are (whose card arrived this morning, but can't actually be used as they have not enabled a balance on it yet) followed (a way behind) by MBNA (they of the magical shifting payment dates and excessive late fees) who have sent a pin.

Nothing at all from my bank yet (LLoyds) who were the first to be phoned.

If egg enable my card by tomorrow am I guess they win the race and my eternal gratitude (I can then put petrol in the car and buy some food). Luckily it's not that bad - my better half has some cash and all her cards, but that means taking her everywhere to buy things for me. Not that I mind being a kept man, but it's somewhat inconvenient.

I'm also seriously considering cancelling all those cards that don't arrive in the top three. And yes that includes my current account! Get your skates on people.