I guess it has to be egg as I used the new card information in a delayed amazon order yesterday and the CD turned up this morning. So congratulations to egg for being the first company to come through in an emergency.

In joint second place are LoydsTSB debit and credit cards. Both arrived this morning ready to go.

The losers? Two MBNA cards (I've had just had one of the pins) and, disappointingly, my Halifax Amazon card (no card, no pin).

Since the MBNA cards were taken out for balance transfers I think they're finally going to go - MBNA seem to move payment dates randomly (I wouldn't want to accuse them of doing it deliberately to cash in on late fees, but that's how it felt at the time) and obviously aren't in a hurry to get cards out to me. Sorry Dogs Trust, I'll make it up at Xmas, in the meantime get another card provider!

As for my Amazon Card... well the Amazon vouchers are a nice bonus, but that payment date is slowly slipping backwards towards my payday. If it gets to be the wrong side of it, it's off to where the cut-up cards go.