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Storm parliament...

Storm parliament, huh? i suppose when he comes to visit, we should avoid visits to the White House? They take a dim view of that sort of thing.... especially if the subject in question looks better than Hillary. i suppose we'll stay here in the frozen tundra and i'll see if i can convince the local yetis that the wardrobe is an indication of an early spring.

liberal wardrobe

i love a man who can use the words 'liberal' and 'wardrobe' in the same breath


I have seen his wardrobe

I have seen his wardrobe in all of its liberal glory. It is most definitely the kind of wardrobe that would storm parliament, kick the doors in and say that it would pay for the damage. You too can have a revolution, just budget for it. Or something.

true threads

true threads are important and I did not intend to imply that they were not. I was merely indicating that I was not bothered about the TYPE of threads. I'm very liberal about that sort of thing, which explains my wardrobe.



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