Eating and drinking and being merry are fine things, things to be entered into at every opportunity.

Threads however, are a serious matter and must not be specified as "whatever". A thread is a fragile link in the tapestry of the fabric of our lives... and where would we be without fabrics, i ask you? Rest your weary mind - i will tell you... naked, that's where we'd be. i for one would not be very dangerous, i'd be shivering and very upset.

There is also the not insignificant matter of the makers of threads. Can we really, with callous disregard, cause the economic destruction of entire families of silk worms? Can anyone sleep with the image of those pitiful worm eyes imploring us to stop wearing "whatever" and return to the traditions which supported their modest lifestyles for centuries? i for one, could not live with such guilt.

Pass the merry eat drink now, please
<3 jeanette