Ode to a Pagan Lonely Hearts Ad

(I really saw this ad and I wrote this as a poetic reply. Shame I never sent it...)

"Pagan Goddess - twenty-four
Wants to meet Brad Pitt,"
Somehow I get the feeling
Maybe I don't fit.
"Gothic Vampyre wanted now!"
"Long-haired, rock-god date!"
Even if I say myself
I'm not your ideal mate.

I'm more the gothic rocker type
A long haired vampire mess
Eddie Izzard's more my look
(But without the dress!).
I'm not a drop-dead gorgeous hunk
Although I've had my times
But I sing, I rock, I front a band
And even pen some lines.

Pagan, witch-king, vampire, all;
I've always played a part
And you sound like a soul mate, but
I don't want a heart -
I'm looking for a kindred flame
A friend to talk and hear,
So if I've fired your crazy mind
come on, bend my ear.


Creative Commons Licence Poetry & lyrics (c) Zakala 1998 some rights reserved.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.