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Send true Paranormal/UFO Stories/Photos

Hello to all,

We are Southwest Paranormal Researchers based in El Paso, Texas, but encourage people from all over the world to join and share their experiences! We research and investigate alleged cases of Ghosts, Poltergeist, UFOs, Chupacabra, Hauntings, Demons, Night Terrors, Legends, and Religious Manifestations, amongst everything else mysterious.

We are currently working on our new webpage and encourage everyone to send in your stories and photographs to share with the internet community. We are especially in need of ghost, UFO and telekinesis photography.

Are you in need of our services? Do you have a poltergeist tearing your house apart? Is your husband possessed? Do you see unexplainable little creatures in your backyard? Do you suffer from heartburn more than twice a week? We offer our services as paranormal investigators for free! We do however accept donations to buy sophisticated equipment. We will investigate claims to the supernatural in the El Paso area. We also accept worldwide cases, in which we must be reimbursed for travel expenses.

Thanks so much.
Kimberly Schmidt
Southwest Paranormal Researchers

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New Ufology Forum

The Ufology Forum

Forum and chatroom. The Truth IS out there, as well as already here. However there are a handful of people willing to believe in it, willing to know it, willing to do what is necessary to both bring it into the public's eye and to protect it. I prefer to introduce it into the mainstream of society to those who wish to see things in a different way.

Grant me a river and I will give you my tears

Anyone got any tales?

I'm sure that there is more going on out there than any of us realise. Whilst governmental conspiracy theories and little green men are the current favorite social weirdness they seem just a little too "engineered" for my liking.

So if anyone has anything strange to contribute, please feel free. That way we can compare notes and see if we can come up with any theories as to why the world is as odd as it seems.

Remember, the truth may be out there, but the lies are all in your head...


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